AJAX online test: Pre-employment screening assessment to hire the best developers

Summary of the AJAX test

This AJAX test evaluates candidates’ knowledge of asynchronous network requests and their applications. This test helps identify developers well-versed in designing applications capable of dynamically updating based on data fetched asynchronously.

Covered skills

  • AJAX basics

  • Requests and responses

  • Asynchronous programming

  • Application and implementation

Use the AJAX test to hire

Front-end developers, full-stack developers, JavaScript developers, web developers, and any other roles requiring intermediate knowledge of asynchronous network requests and AJAX.


Programming skills


10 min





About the AJAX test

A fast and seamless experience is one of the most important aspects of modern software design. AJAX enables designing web applications that do not rely on page load/reload. This significantly reduces the time users have to wait for content to be available. In addition to reducing wait time, AJAX also enables seamless content integration, which makes the overall UI feel much more responsive and engaging.

This AJAX test evaluates candidates’ familiarity with AJAX and their ability to leverage the power of AJAX in building web applications that can handle API requests, dynamically update web pages, handle network errors, perform necessary validations, and ensure best practices to prevent security threats. With questions that assess core functionalities as well as situational problems, the test identifies candidates that have a deep understanding of how AJAX works.

Candidates who perform well on this test have strong knowledge and practical experience of using AJAX in real-world situations. This test ensures that your hires have the necessary technical skills to contribute to your company’s goals in creating asynchronous web applications.

The test is made by a subject-matter expert

Abdul R.

Abdul is a Software Engineer specialized in web development. Having worked on more than 200 projects in a span of five years, he has developed an in-depth understanding of AJAX and what makes it great. Making fast and dynamic web pages is what Abdul specializes in; this is precisely why he has chosen AJAX as his technique of choice.

When he is not coding, you might find Abdul gaming, traveling, or experimenting with new technologies.

Crafted with expert knowledge

TestGorilla’s tests are created by subject matter experts. We assess potential subject-matter experts based on their knowledge, ability, and reputation. Before being published, each test is peer-reviewed by another expert, then calibrated using hundreds of test takers with relevant experience in the subject. Our feedback mechanisms and unique algorithms allow our subject-matter experts to constantly improve their tests.

What our customers are saying

TestGorilla helps me to assess engineers rapidly. Creating assessments for different positions is easy due to pre-existing templates. You can create an assessment in less than 2 minutes. The interface is intuitive and it’s easy to visualize results per assessment.

David Felipe C.

VP of Engineering, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

Review from G2

Any tool can have functions—bells and whistles. Not every tool comes armed with staff passionate about making the user experience positive.

The TestGorilla team only offers useful insights to user challenges, they engage in conversation.

For instance, I recently asked a question about a Python test I intended to implement. Instead of receiving “oh, that test would work perfectly for your solution,” or, “at this time we’re thinking about implementing a solution that may or may not…” I received a direct and straightforward answer with additional thoughts to help shape the solution.

I hope that TestGorilla realizes the value proposition in their work is not only the platform but the type of support that’s provided.

For a bit of context—I am a diversity recruiter trying to create a platform that removes bias from the hiring process and encourages the discovery of new and unseen talent.

David B.

Chief Talent Connector, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

Review from G2

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AJAX test online

What is an online AJAX test? How will it help you?

An online AJAX test is a pre-employment skills assessment that will help you assess the candidates’ skills when it comes to using asynchronous network requests and their applications. AJAX isn’t an operating or programming language; it stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML (AJAX) and it uses a combination of browser-built XML objects and JavaScript. The reason why software developers love AJAX is that you can update the web page without loading/reloading the page and read data from the web server even after the page was loaded.

The point of the AJAX test is to find software developers who know how to work with this software framework. However, finding candidates that have this skill is easier said than done.

The market today is competitive and fierce and it’s difficult to find good software developers. On top of that, companies are still having problems adjusting to the new ways when it comes to hiring candidates. The biggest obstacles to companies that want to change their hiring processes are the following three elements:

Limited candidate pool: Your hiring managers are receiving more applications than ever, but the quality of those applications isn’t great. On average, an open position gets around 200 applications but the problem is that hiring managers spends countless hours going through CVs only to realize that 90% of them aren’t qualified for the role. Companies that have a faster way of screening candidates reach out to the best candidates in a faster time and thus hire them while other companies are still stuck with CV screening.

Inherent biases: Even if your hiring managers can go through the CVs fast and create a shortlist of candidates, you’re still not sure if the candidates are really the best ones from the talent pool or if they’re the product of the hiring manager’s bias.

Dependence on CV: Quite a lot of these problems stem from the fact that CV screening helps you assess CV writing skills and not real skills that are needed for the job.

To change this, companies will have to look into pre-employment tests.

AJAX test online

What will you be evaluating with the AJAX skills test?

A pre-employment test, like the AJAX test, will help you improve your entire hiring process.

With a pre-employment test, you won’t even have to go through the CVs of candidates, you will limit bias in the hiring process, and you will lower the reliance on CVs in your recruitment process.

The AJAX test, as a pre-employment test, lasts for 10 minutes and you should give it to candidates that have an intermediary level of skills when it comes to AJAX and all of its subsidiaries. The pre-employment test will evaluate both the theoretical and practical skills of the candidates.

The AJAX test will evaluate the following skills when it comes to your candidates:

• AJAX basics• Requests and responses• Asynchronous programming• Application and implementation

You’re looking for candidates that will do well on the test. The better the score, the greater the candidates’ skills are when it comes to AJAX. If they receive a great score, that means that they understand the basics of AJAX, they can handle asynchronous programming, and they know how to handle requests and responses in AJAX.

The AJAX pre-employment test is essential when you’re looking to hire candidates for any of the following roles: front-end developers, full-stack developers, JavaScript developers, web developers, and any role that might require AJAX skills to do the job successfully.

With this pre-employment test, you will receive the necessary data to make informed hiring decisions. But there are many other uses for pre-employment tests besides good data.

AJAX test online

Use this AJAX online test for skills-based hiring

When you use the AJAX pre-employment test, you will solve many problems in your hiring process:

Hundreds of applications: When you have CV screening as part of your hiring process, then your hiring managers need to spend hours upon hours reviewing CVs. So the more applications you receive, the more work there is for hiring managers. But when you implement pre-employment tests, all of that changes. The hiring manager no longer reviews CVs; instead, they send the test to all of the candidates that applied for the role and they just wait for the results. That’s why it makes no difference if your hiring manager receives 20 or 220 applications since they send the test with a single click.

No more bias: All of the candidates will get the opportunity to prove their worth by doing the test. All of them will do the test in the same allotted time and the test will be the same. So the results that you will receive will be the most objective way to look at the candidates’ skills. On top of that, if you use TestGorilla’s pre-employment tests, you will receive the results as numerical for easier comparison. Not only will this will make the hiring manager’s job easier, but you will eliminate bias from the hiring process.

End reliance on CVs: Pre-employment tests will completely eliminate the need to do CV screening. With a pre-employment test, you send out the tests to your candidates and wait for the results. If the candidate is applying for an AJAX open role in your organization, they will have to do an AJAX pre-employment test. So instead of assessing the CV writing skills, you will be assessing the candidates’ AJAX skills.

The last step would be to choose a provider for your pre-employment tests and this is where TestGorilla comes into play. We have helped more than 6,000 companies implement pre-employment tests in their hiring process. Don’t leave it to chance; choose pre-employment tests and hire the best talent.


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