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TestGorilla enables fast and standardized candidate evaluation, accelerating your hiring process without disrupting your operations. Our fair and unbiased selection method ensures you secure top talent for various roles, leading to higher retention rates.

Accelerate and standardize your hiring process


of organizations improved employee retention when hiring for skills


88% of employers say skills-based hiring reduces mis-hires


of employers reduced cost-to-hire when using skills-based hiring


of employers agree skills-based hiring is more effective than resumes

The team is now able to quickly screen out unsuitable candidates and only concentrate on interviewing those who have the right skills for the role.

Morgan Meinecke, Managing Director, INMATEC GasTechnology FZC

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INMATEC makes faster hiring decisions for complex roles

INMATEC GasTechnology FZC is an international market leader in the production of on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators. Developed and produced in Germany, their systems are used by businesses all around the world.  Morgan Meinecke is the Managing Director of INMATEC GasTechnology FZC. He was searching for a skills testing solution to optimize the hiring process and make it faster, more efficient, and more objective.

Hydroemission Feature Image

TestGorilla helps Hydroemission cut hiring time by 80%

Hydroemission is a leading provider of controlled release technology for environmental applications, specializing in agriculture and public health. The company is headquartered in Singapore, with R&D and manufacturing operations in Johor, Malaysia.  Hydroemission’s main focus is research & development and the manufacturing of controlled release consumer and industrial consumables.  Paolo Nalin is the Managing Director of Hydroemission and was looking for a solution that’d allow the company to test the cognitive abilities of job applicants and optimize the recruitment process. 

Dyninno Feature Image

Dyninno Group improves recruitment productivity by 400% using TestGorilla

Dyninno is a group of companies,  providing products and services in the travel, finance, entertainment, and technology sectors in more than 50 countries. Founded in 2004, now the company has 25 offices with total headcount of 5,000 employees.   Since the start of 2022, Dyninno Group has rapidly expanded its business across multiple companies and divisions, and as a result, needed to recruit more than 2,000 employees in less than six months in 2023. However, Pavel Bahu, Global human resources director at Trevolution (travel division of Dyninno), faced the challenge of effectively screening the increased number of candidates without diminishing the efficiency of their current hiring process – especially as they continue to hire 100s of candidates each month in different locations.

Evaluate candidates on a variety of skills

Skills assessments are a key resource in the manufacturing industry, enabling hiring teams to reliably evaluate applicants’ abilities and knowledge. Additionally, recruiters can get insight into candidates' motivation, culture add, communication proficiency, and more.


Problem Solving

This Problem Solving test evaluates candidates’ ability to define problems and analyze data and textual information to make correct decisions. This test helps you identify candidates who use analytical skills to evaluate and respond to complex situations.
9 min

Critical thinking

This online critical thinking screening test evaluates candidates’ skills in critical thinking through inductive and deductive reasoning problems. This pre-employment skills test will help you identify candidates who can evaluate information and make sound judgments using analytical skills.
12 min

Spatial reasoning

This spatial reasoning test evaluates a candidate’s ability to analyze 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional objects and space. This test is relevant for STEM-related jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and analytical skills testing.
10 min

Customer Service

This Customer Service test evaluates candidates’ ability to interact appropriately and determine appropriate solutions. It will help you hire experts who can enhance your CS operations by improving customer satisfaction and avoiding negative impressions.
10 min

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