How TestGorilla helped Studio Le Pera save €2,000 in hiring costs

How TestGorilla helped Studio Le Pera save €2,000 in hiring costs

featured image of how TestGorilla helped Studio Le Pera save €2,000 in hiring costs

Studio Le Pera (SLP) Commercialisti Associati is a Milan-based accounting firm with more than 30 years of experience in providing accounting, tax, and business consulting services to clients in Italy. 

Over the years, the firm has become the point of reference for numerous clients in Milan and beyond. Thanks to its extensive expertise and wide network of professionals, it offers all-around support for Italian businesses. 

Mosè Begotti, the owner of the company, needed a reliable way to test candidates’ technical skills for a specific role he was looking to fill. 


Prior to implementing TestGorilla, Mosè and his team relied on a manual selection process. They would collect and screen CVs, invite shortlisted candidates to an interview, and make a hiring decision based on candidates’ performance in the interview. 

They needed to hire an English-speaking person with no significant experience in their area of expertise but who would need to have specific technical skills. 

For this reason, Mosè and his team needed a solution that would help them test applicants’ technical skills and minimize the risk of hiring a candidate who didn’t have the right skill set. They were also looking for a way to eliminate bias from the hiring process.


Mosè wanted to make an objective, unbiased hiring decision and needed a platform that would provide a wide range of scientifically validated skills tests he could use in the hiring process. TestGorilla seemed to be the perfect fit. 

Mosè first tried out the free version of the platform and could instantly see the benefit of upgrading, as he was impressed with the variety of available tests he could use to assess candidates’ skills. 

He found the platform to be very efficient, intuitive, and easy to use. He also liked many of its features, such as the ability to send emails directly via TestGorilla. 


With TestGorilla, Mosè was able to quickly identify his most skilled and knowledgeable candidates:

“TestGorilla helped me reduce the number of interviews and allowed me to focus on the interesting candidates only,” he explains.

This helped him speed up hiring and find the right match in a fraction of the time he’d otherwise need. TestGorilla also helped him filter out unmotivated candidates as only those who were truly committed to applying completed the assessment. 

 TestGorilla helped Mosè optimize the hiring process by enabling him to: 

  • Save money: The company saved approximately €2000 on headhunter fees
  • Save time: Mosè and his team didn’t have to spend time interviewing unsuitable candidates

Mosè was very happy with how easy and straightforward the hiring process was and was able to reinvest the time and money he saved with TestGorilla back into the company.

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