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Recruitment managers and hiring professionals need to use all the relevant recruitment tools available to attract and retain top talent. High-quality recruitment management software collates these tools to deliver a single platform that you can use to manage your hiring efforts.

However, not all recruitment management software is equal, and using the wrong program can leave you at a distinct competitive disadvantage when it comes to employing new talent, such as overlooking top-level applicants or focusing too much on candidates who aren’t a good fit. In addition to this, some platforms can be significantly expensive or lack the required features.

In this guide, we explore everything you need to know about recruitment management software and show you how TestGorilla is a leading option.

What is recruitment management software? 

Recruitment management software offers a range of tools and features designed to help you streamline and optimize every aspect of the hiring process. These tools enable HR professionals to manage, track, and enhance their recruiting efforts. 

Most recruitment tools come with features to help you automate tasks. These include applicant tracking, interview management, prescreening assessments, and bulk actions. 

With the best software, you’ll also have access to integrations with other HR applications, various reporting and analytics tools, and candidate-sourcing features to help you identify top talent. Additionally, these platforms often have tools to help you create and share job postings. 

Benefits of recruitment management software

Recruitment management software is designed to help you optimize your recruitment processes. However, there are also other benefits of using high-quality recruiting technology.

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Streamlines the hiring process

For starters, recruitment management software has tools designed to make the hiring process more efficient. These usually include recruiting automation features, such as automated email reminders, automatic interview scheduling, and candidate screening. 

You also have access to every step of the recruitment process through a single platform, enabling you to easily track and manage candidates from the beginning of the hiring process to the day they start working. 

Saves you money

Since recruitment management programs are designed to improve hiring efficiency, they naturally decrease recruitment costs. There are two aspects to this: 

  • Labor costs. Implementing high-quality software means fewer staff members will be required to do the same work. 

  • Hire the best. Recruitment management software helps you hire the most appropriate applicants for your open positions, reducing turnover rates and saving you money by reducing the number of hires you have to make. 

Creates a positive candidate experience

Another key benefit of recruitment management programs is enabling you to improve the candidate experience. For example, you can send automatic status updates informing applicants of their progress. 

You can also take advantage of various interview scheduling and pre-employment screening tools designed with a smooth candidate experience in mind.

For example, TestGorilla’s candidate assessment software enables you to set up user-friendly screening assessments that candidates can complete via their internet browser without creating an account or downloading an app. 

Overall, this makes it easier to attract and retain highly skilled candidates who may look elsewhere if you deliver a poor candidate experience.  

Helps you identify skilled candidates

Similarly, using tools like prescreening assessments helps you identify the most qualified candidates quickly, making sure only suitable applicants can proceed in the hiring process. 

It also reduces the risk of missing talented individuals who could be overlooked because of sub-standard resumes or poor interview performances. This ensures you’re hiring the most appropriate candidates for your positions and minimizing the risk of lost talent. 

Enables data-driven management decisions

Most recruitment management software gathers data and generates reports on various recruitment metrics. For example, you can look at data related to time-to-fill, source effectiveness, turnover rate, and more.  Doing this helps you make informed, data-driven management decisions to continually optimize your recruitment workflows. 

Scalable software

Finally, these programs are very scalable, making them suitable for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Small businesses hiring for a single position can gain just as much advantage from a recruitment management program as a multinational corporation. 

Moreover, the scalability of most platforms ensures your recruiting system can grow with your company. 

Features to look for in recruitment management software

Although different organizations and types of businesses require different features, there are a few that everyone should look out for when selecting recruitment management software. 

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Most modern programs include various automation tools designed to save you time and money. For example, you can set up automated email and interview reminders, automated progress communications, and automatic candidate screening. Tools like chatbots that take care of candidate queries are also resource-efficient. 

Candidate database management 

Creating and managing a clear candidate database is invaluable for larger companies. It stores applicant profiles and their history with your organization, including applications for past positions. 

Effective management tools that let you search and filter this database make it easy to identify suitable candidates for open roles, enabling you to reach out to them and gauge their interest in your position. 

A user-friendly interface

HR platforms are often cluttered and difficult to use, which can put applicants off and reduce the efficiency of your staff. 

Ensure you find a recruitment management platform that’s easy to set up and use without extensive training. Otherwise, your HR team won’t benefit from its full potential, and candidates may be put off before completing the application process. 

Applicant tracking

Look for a platform with an efficient applicant tracking system (ATS). This lets you view candidate timelines and provides a single place to manage all candidate-related data. 

However, it’s worth noting that not all platforms have an ATS. You’ll sometimes have access to integrations with specialized ATS tools instead. 

Interview management

Features to look for here include interview scheduling, one-way video interviews, and the ability to send out interview invitations. Many platforms also offer automated interview reminders to ensure candidates don’t miss their appointments. 

Collaboration tools

Tools that help you communicate with and work smoothly alongside your colleagues streamline the entire hiring process. 

Look for collaboration features that enable hiring team members to share feedback and collectively assess candidates. These include centralized candidate tracking, integrated real-time communication tools, and collaborative pipeline management. 

Reporting and analytics

Access to high-quality reports and analytics helps you optimize your recruiting processes. These should provide quantitative insights into recruitment metrics like source effectiveness and turnover rate. 

Best recruitment management software for your next campaign

TestGorilla is a recruitment management platform focusing on applicant testing and interview management. It enables hiring managers to carefully filter candidates based on their skills and personality, quickly identifying the most appropriate individuals. 

There are more than 300 pre-employment tests in TestGorilla’s library, and you can combine up to five of these with your own custom questions to create a tailored screening assessment specific to your open role. One-way video interview tools are also available to streamline this process.

Invite candidates and share your custom assessment via a link, where they can complete it on any device with an internet connection. Within the TestGorilla platform, you can quickly rank candidates based on their results, enabling you to identify the most appropriate individuals to progress to the next stage of the hiring process.  

how candidates are ranked in TestGorilla

On top of this, TestGorilla boasts a suite of integrations with other popular platforms, including BambooHR, Jazz HR, and Breezy. These are easy to set up and let you access features such as onboarding tools and detailed applicant tracking. 

For example, setting up an integration with BambooHR will enable you to share TestGorilla’s tests and access test scores directly from your BambooHR dashboard.

Take a look at our full list of integrations for more information. 

Use TestGorilla to streamline your recruitment processes

With high-quality recruitment management software, you can simplify every aspect of the hiring process, identify top talent, and reduce the risk of mis-hires. Platforms like TestGorilla offer many features to help you with candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, interview management, and more. 

If you’d like to learn more about this topic, check out our guides to online recruitment platforms, customer relationship management, and performance management on our comprehensive blog

To get started right away, create a free account, sign up for a free demo, or take a quick product tour to see why TestGorilla is a leading recruitment management platform.

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