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Available languages:
English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Norwegian

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Test type:

Cognitive ability

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Administration time:

10 minutes

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Difficulty level:


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Number of questions:

12 per test, 100 in the test bank

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Scoring benchmarks

Benchmarks are available for various education levels (ranging from some high school education to Master’s degree or higher), business functions (from administrative to software development), and seniority levels (junior to senior).

Psychometric properties of the Attention to Detail (visual) test

The metrics reported below are based on a sample size (N) of at least 1,000 candidates unless indicated otherwise.

Reliability: Cronbach’s alpha coefficient = .73

Face validity: Candidates rated this test as accurately measuring their skills (average score of 4.28 out of 5.00).

Criterion-related validity: Candidates with higher scores on the Attention to detail (Visual) test received higher average ratings from the hiring team during the selection process (r = .12).

For an in-depth look at interpreting test results, please take a look at our Science series article: How to interpret test fact sheets (part 1): Reliability.

For an explanation of the various terms, please refer to our Science glossary.

Attention to Detail (v) Psychometrics reliability and validity tables.

Use these tests with the Attention to Detail (visual) test

We believe that multi-measure testing is essential in a holistic hiring process because it examines the candidate as a whole, including technical skills, soft skills, and personality. Below are some tests we recommend using alongside the Attention to detail (visual) test.

Basic Math Calculations

This Basic Math Calculations test evaluates candidates’ ability to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. This test will help you identify candidates who can solve calculations that use double- and triple-digit integers.
10 min

Attention to detail (textual)

This attention-to-detail pre-hire skills test evaluates candidates’ ability to pay attention to textual detail while processing information. The attention to detail (textual) test helps companies identify candidates who can thoroughly and carefully handle intricate processes using analytical skills.
10 min

Understanding Instructions

The understanding instructions test evaluates a candidate’s ability to understand and follow instructions in many different forms, and in a variety of contexts. This test helps you identify candidates who can process and follow instructions correctly.
10 min

Problem Solving

This Problem Solving test evaluates candidates’ ability to define problems and analyze data and textual information to make correct decisions. This test helps you identify candidates who use analytical skills to evaluate and respond to complex situations.
9 min
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