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Candidate honesty policy and agreement

We require honest test-taking to ensure a fair, accurate evaluation of your skills and abilities and to maintain assessment integrity. 

Completing our tests or assessments honestly means representing yourself accurately, following instructions, and refraining from the following:

Making false statements; using unauthorized aids, artificial intelligence (AI), predictive input, and/or unauthorized TestGorilla materials; sharing TestGorilla test or assessment materials; completing tests multiple times for the same job application; and/or engaging in any behavior undermining fair assessments as per TestGorilla’s policies. The full details of our terms governing the use of our platform can be found here.

Unless explicitly instructed to do so, we strictly prohibit the use of automated answer matching, text recognition, auto-generated responses, virtual assistants, and/or any other AI when completing our tests or assessments.  

TestGorilla's test and assessment materials are protected by various intellectual property laws, including copyright laws. Generally, TestGorilla prohibits unauthorized sharing, distribution, or reproduction of any of our tests and test content.

TestGorilla employs mechanisms to detect dishonest test-taking, also referred to as anti-cheating measures. These anti-cheating measures are in place to maintain the integrity of the assessment process. 

They may include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Monitoring and proctoring techniques

  • Plagiarism detection technologies

  • Questions designed to detect dishonest test-taking

  • AI-detection technologies

  • Psychometric monitoring/analysis to identify test-taking patterns 

Non-compliance with TestGorilla’s Honesty Policy may lead to assessment or platform disqualification, and/or reporting to the employer who requested the assessment.

You may view TestGorilla's candidate policies at any time using the links below. 

Candidate Terms of Use