Game development and publishing studio saves 15 hours per hire

Game development and publishing studio saves 15 hours per hire

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Visionaries FZ-LLC is a game development and publishing studio based in Dubai, UAE. They speciaize in designing business simulation games for all platforms.

Their goal is to simplify business concepts to a level that can be understood by a wide audience and make games that entertain and inspire players to start real-life businesses.

Kunal Oogorah is the Founder and Director of Visionaries. He was looking for a way to create a more objective hiring process in which hiring decisions would be based on empirical data rather than interview performance and recommendations. 


Prior to implementing TestGorilla, Kunal and his team often relied on recommendations when hiring for new roles and would make hiring decisions based on candidates’ interview performance. This approach wasn’t optimal, though, as it would occasionally result in bad hires that were very costly for the company. 

For this reason, he decided to look for a pre-employment testing solution that would help him filter out unsuitable candidates and identify top talent objectively and reliably. 


Kunal wanted to find a skills testing platform that would provide him with enough empirical data to help him make better hiring decisions.

He went with TestGorilla because of the transparency and flexibility of its pricing model (which proved suitable for a startup like Visionaries), as well as its easy-to-use interface.

He was impressed with the asynchronous video interview system and the flow of the platform, which has helped him optimize the recruitment process significantly. 

Visionaries’ current hiring process consists of:

  • Posting a job advertisement or headhunting for candidates
  • A five- to ten-minute chat to assess availability and interest
  • TestGorilla’s assessment
  • An interview for applicants who get at least 80% on the assessment

After this, Kunal selects the best candidate. If the candidate’s and company’s goals are aligned, he makes them an offer. 


TestGorilla has helped Kunal scale Visionaries’ hiring process, improve the quality of hire, and reduce the time to hire significantly. 

Since implementing the platform, he estimates having saved around 15 hours per hire, which he has been able to invest back into his business and especially into recruitment — making more and better hires is a top priority for Visionaries at the moment. 

The platform helps him easily filter out candidates who are not interested or don’t meet the company’s requirements. 

“We don’t spend time with time wasters,” he explains. “A CV is just a marketing piece, not a piece of empirical evidence. I don’t trust CVs that much.”

TestGorilla has helped him put in place an objective, data-driven recruitment process that doesn’t require him to rely on CVs and recommendations but can instead quickly test applicants’ real skills. 

Two out of the company’s three new hires were made with the help of the platform, and Kunal is very happy with them.

“I have a team of exceptional people thanks to the filtering process,” he says.

Visionaries’ hiring process is now faster, more efficient, and more objective, thanks to TestGorilla’s assessments. 

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