Technical skills assessment made easier for Jigsaw Business Solutions

Technical skills assessment made easier for Jigsaw Business Solutions

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Jigsaw Business Solutions helps retailers launch, manage and drive profitable gift card programs. Its expert retail advisers work with clients to create, implement and market innovative B2B and B2C gift card programs.

Anna Farrow, the Director of People at Jigsaw Business Solutions, manages the company’s recruitment process and was looking for a reliable way to assess candidates’ technical skills. 


Technical competency is crucial for the success of Jigsaw Business Solutions’ employees, which is why the hiring team needed a reliable and objective way of evaluating applicants’ functional skills. 

Before TestGorilla, Anna and her team weren’t using pre-employment testing, and felt they didn’t have a way of accurately assessing applicants’ technical competency and knowledge during recruitment. This resulted in a lack of confidence in the decision-making process. 

An accurate assessment of candidates’ technical skills would allow Anna and her team to make confident hiring decisions and find the best match every time. 


Jigsaw’s hiring team wanted a fast and easy-to-use solution that could accurately assess applicants’ technical competency and bring more objectivity and fairness to the hiring process. 

After considering different options, Anna and her team chose TestGorilla and were impressed with the platform’s speed and intuitiveness. 

TestGorilla helps Jigsaw’s team evaluate candidates’ tech skills before and during the interview stage.

Using TestGorilla’s skills assessments, they can find applicants who meet the requirements of each role, shortlist the best candidates, and make more objective hiring decisions. 


Jigsaw’s hiring team seamlessly integrated TestGorilla into their recruitment process. The platform’s flexibility allowed them to adapt its use to each role’s specific needs and requirements. Its speed and ease of use helped make the decision-making process faster and more efficient. 

According to Anna, the platform enables Jigsaw’s team to compare candidates’ functional skills and knowledge objectively during the recruitment process, so they can then shortlist the best applicants with confidence and ease.

This helps Anna and her team avoid bad hires, which cost the company a lot of time and money. 

Since the team started using TestGorilla, Jigsaw’s hiring process has become faster, fairer, and more accurate. This has freed up additional resources, which they’re now able to invest into creating a better onboarding experience for successful candidates. 

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