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What is Matplotlib in Python? Top 10 advantages of Matplotlib that you should know


Tech industries today understand that data is one of their most critical assets.

Effective data management and interpretation help these businesses study patterns in their data. However, the accuracy of any data visualization process depends on the platform applied.

Matplotlib in Python is an excellent tool for data visualization because it provides an easy way to view and interpret data. Due to its accessibility, Matplotlib is recognized as one of the most popular data visualization tools.

To this effect, hiring a Matplotlib developer for your organization is beneficial because they understand how to navigate the platform and produce the best results. 

In this article, we will explain what Matplotlib in Python is, what a Matplotlib developer does, and the top 10 advantages of Matplotlib you should know when recruiting Matplotlib developers.

What is Matplotlib in Python?

Matplotlib is an open-source visualization library in Python built on NumPy arrays and designed to work with the SciPy stack. In simpler terms, Matplotlib is a powerful data visualization tool that allows you to view large amounts of data in comprehensible forms.

The 2D graphic plotting and visualization tool is widely recognized for its simplicity as it doesn’t require complex protocols to operate. As a result, developers see it as a replacement for MATLAB, a more complex visualization tool.

John Hunter introduced the Matplotlib platform in 2002. Since then, it has become popular throughout the tech world. It comprises various plots like bar charts, line graphs, histograms, and scatter plots, each providing a different way to display data.

Companies use Matplotlib to simplify complex data into forms that can be more easily interpreted. They can then use their conclusions to determine their growth pattern and determine viable solutions to problems where necessary.

What is a Matplotlib developer?

A Matplotlib developer is someone with in-depth knowledge and experience with Python who works with data to create 2D graphics and statistical plots using Matplotlib.

Top Matplotlib developers can interpret various types of data using Matplotlib in Python. They can be a crucial part of an organization’s workforce, using data to help improve a business’s performance.

These developers are results-oriented and possess critical-thinking skills, which they use to create, customize, and interpret publication-quality plots in Matplotlib. Matplotlib developers often have prior knowledge of MATLAB, which has similar features as Matplotlib.

Python developers typically earn an average yearly salary of $97,050, with salaries varying according to their level of expertise. So, if you’re looking for developers who can interpret, manipulate, and visualize data effectively, a Matplotlib developer is a great, but significant, investment.

Top 10 advantages of Matplotlib you should know

advantages of Matplotlib

As a recruiter, you should understand the benefits of Matplotlib and what to expect from the platform. Here, we will discuss 10 Matplotlib advantages that will inform your hiring:

1. Matplotlib provides a simple way to access large amounts of data

With Matplotlib, developers can create accurate plots based on huge amounts of data. When analyzing these data plots, good developers will make it easier to see patterns and trends in the data sets. Thus, Matplotlib simplifies data, making it more accessible.

2. It is flexible and supports various forms of data representation

As noted above Matplotlib supports data representation in bar charts, graphs, scattered plots, and other forms of visualization. This flexibility means that it can adapt effectively to your company’s needs.

3. It is easy to navigate

The Matplotlib platform isn’t too complex. Hence, both beginners and advanced developers can apply their programming skills to the platform, producing professional results. Matplotlib also has subplots that further facilitate the creation and comparison of data sets.

4. It ensures accessibility by providing high-quality images

Since the main goal of Matplotlib is to provide a way to access and display data, its plots and images must be of high quality. To meet this requirement, Matplotlib provides high-quality images in various formats, such as PDF, PGF, and PNG.

5. It is a powerful tool with numerous applications

Matplotlib’s data-visualization qualities can be used in various forms, such as Python scripts, shells, web application servers, and Jupyter notebooks. As such, its operations are versatile.

6. It is useful in creating advanced visualizations

Matplotlib is primarily a 2D plotting library. However, it includes extensions that developers can apply to create advanced 3D plots for data visualization. In this way, the platform ensures that working with data is easier and more productive.

7. It is open-source, saving you cash

An open-source platform requires no paid license. Because Matplotlib is free to use, you save the extra cost you usually incur when producing data visualizations.

8. It is extensive and customizable

The Matplotlib platform can fit any of your company’s needs because it includes many types of graphs, features, and configuration settings. Experienced developers can tweak its features to suit particular objectives and projects.

9. It can run on different platforms

Matplotlib is platform-independent. This means it can run smoothly no matter what platform you use. Whether your developers use Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, you can expect high-quality results.

10. It makes data analysis easier

Due to its numerous features, plot styles, and high-quality results, Matplotlib makes data analysis easier and more efficient. It also helps save the time and resources you would have spent analyzing large datasets.

Unlike other data-visualization platforms, Matplotlib in Python only requires a few lines of code to generate a plot for data sets.

The smart way to hire skilled Matplotlib developers

Evidently, Matplotlib is the gold standard of data visualization. More companies trust the platform for their data-visualization needs. However, hiring professional Matplotlib developers can harness all its benefits requires more than you might expect.

Aside from using a compelling Matplotlib job description, you must further optimize your recruitment by including pre-employment tests to attract and identify top talent. These tests provide a smart way to examine your candidates for critical skills and the level of expertise you’re looking for.

The subject-matter experts at TestGorilla designed a Matplotlib test to help you identify the right candidates for your organization.

Our test evaluates candidates’ abilities to solve problems, create plots, and work with data effectively using Matplotlib.

You can also pair the Matplotlib test with other programming skills tests to further evaluate candidates. To make it easier to compare your candidates, our assessments automatically rank applicants based on their performance, so it’s easy to spot top talent. 

Start hiring Matplotlib developers today by signing up for free with TestGorilla to get started.


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