Streamline employee assessments

TestGorilla goes beyond hiring, and is a valuable tool for ongoing employee assessments.

Measure your employees' growth and development by conducting regular skill evaluations. Identify areas for improvement, provide targeted training, and monitor progress over time. 

Employee assessments made easy.

Building assessments is a breeze with TestGorilla. Get started with these simple steps.

High quality assessments

Step 1

Create high-quality assessments, fast.

Pick the perfect assessment name, select the tests that work for you, and get personal with your own custom questions.

Invite candidates

Step 2

Invite employees your way.

Connect with employees by sending email invites directly from TestGorilla or sharing a direct link.

Analyze the best candidates

Step 3

Analyze and act.

Receive real-time assessment results, identify areas for improvement, and go in-depth with an employee review.

Join over 10,000 companies using TestGorilla assessments.

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What our customers are saying

TestGorilla is super easy to use. It's something I didn't realize I needed. I liked the quick responses from surveys sent out to potential hires. Depending upon what I send them, I can get a pretty good idea from their answers about whether they fit the job.

Timothy Bryant

Technology Director, US

Review from G2

TestGorilla has a large selection of questions to help make candidate assessments easier! The ready-to-go question sets are really diverse, covering everything from tech to HR to personality tests, and they're put together brilliantly. 

The questions genuinely check if the candidates know their stuff and are super helpful in figuring out if they're right for specific roles.

Eshwaran Venkat

Small Business Owner

Review from G2

I am very excited to be able to create such comprehensive online assessments for our hiring candidates easily. These assessments will help eliminate much of the bias that can be a problem when hiring. 

It also saves time, enabling me to focus on reviewing only the most qualified candidates rather than having to do so manually. 

Even better, this platform costs a fraction of what some of their competitors charge and offers more functionality. I'm so happy I found this tool!

Beth Carter

Small Business Owner

Review from G2

TestGorilla is an exceptional tool for streamlining hiring processes. The intuitive interface, paired with a comprehensive range of pre-employment tests, makes candidate screening a breeze.

Carlos Oliveira

Founder & CTO, WIFT

Review from G2

A lifesaver when trying to get through many applicants. I have successfully saved hours on interviewing candidates because the first thing I do is send them the test. 

I have been much more successful in finding candidates who can perform the job well.

Rachel Barton

Small Business Owner

Review from G2

Top tier experience! TestGorilla was the quickest platform to respond to my inquiries. Not only did they handle my inquiries with speed, but they did so with professionalism and courtesy. I was thrilled to be able to find a platform that met all of my needs.

Shanira Castillo

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Griffin Resources

Review from G2
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Simplify employee assessments with smart tests crafted by experts.

Subject-matter experts create every one of our ever-growing number of tests. These are peer-reviewed and updated to reflect constant industry changes.

Whether you’re looking to improve your workforce management or monitor training progress over time, we have a range of skills tests designed to help you do that.

More reasons businesses are choosing TestGorilla.

Surprisingly simple We’ve designed it so anyone can easily create assessments, add custom questions, rank candidates, export custom CSV files and more.

Incredible value We make professional assessments affordable for everyone and streamline the hiring process for any size business.


Positive candidate experience No accounts necessary for candidates taking your assessment. Utilize your logo to leave a lasting brand impression.


Cheating prevention View automatic snapshots of candidates as they’re being tested. Receive alerts if a candidate exits full-screen mode.


Flexible file uploads Allow candidates to upload key documents such as a resume or portfolio.


Stellar support Get answers to your questions, fast. Our team is always here to help.


Smarter integration Native integration with software like Workable, Greenhouse, Lever, SmartRecruiters, Recruitee, BreezyHR, Bullhorn, JazzHR, and Zapier.


Mobile-friendly features Optimized for all platforms. Build and review assessments on the go. Let candidates showcase their talents on any device.

Reinvent your employee assessment process.

Start using TestGorilla today, or talk to us about your challenges. We can help!