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Recruit industry-leading programmers faster with our comprehensive coding tests. Evaluate coding abilities, soft skills, and more in a multi measure assessment that will provide comprehensive insights into your candidate's potential.

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of organizations see a reduction in mis-hires with skills-based hiring


of employers report a quicker hiring process with skills-based hiring


of companies see better employee retention with skills-based hiring

See skills in action with cutting-edge coding tools

Coding challenges give you the power to identify top developers quickly and easily. Gain insights into your candidates' algorithmic thinking skills and learn how they approach coding problems by letting them choose their preferred programming language from a list of configurable options.

Allow up to 20 programming languages in one test. Your candidates will be able to take the challenge in any of the languages you’ve previously configured.

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We have a much higher passing rate for the probation period,” Haitham says.
“And we’re now able to select the best candidates easily.”

Haitham Babeyeh, Country Manager, Axelerated Solutions

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Dive deeper with our soft skill tests

A team is more than a collection of abilities. Dont fall into the trap of ignoring vital soft skills that can make or break your company. With more than 400+ tests that cover hard and soft skills, you can be sure that your next hire can help build up your company culture whilst driving results.



This online Communication skills test assesses your candidates’ skills in communicating clearly and effectively using professional etiquette. This English communication skills test assesses candidates in both written and verbal communication, as well as non-verbal cues and active listening.
8 min

Java (coding): Entry-Level Algorithms

This Java online test assesses entry-level candidates’ basic programming skills and evaluates their ability to program a small algorithm in Java. This candidate skills test uses a short and straightforward coding task to help you identify developers with the most essential Java skills.
15 min

Python (coding): data structures & objects

This Python data structures & objects test evaluates your candidate’s object-oriented programming skills. In 30 minutes, they will work with Python objects and implement a data structure. This test will help you hire mid-level Python developers.
30 min

Problem Solving

This Problem Solving test evaluates candidates’ ability to define problems and analyze data and textual information to make correct decisions. This test helps you identify candidates who use analytical skills to evaluate and respond to complex situations.
9 min

We work for your whole company

Skills-based hiring works for more than just engineering teams, so why stop there?

With 400+ validated tests to choose from, you can ensure that all your teams have the skills they need to succeed.

These companies hire the top 1% with TestGorilla

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How Axelerated Solutions improved quality of hire with TestGorilla

Axelerated Solutions is a Saudi Arabian IT & business consulting company that helps organizations optimize their day-to-day operations by building tailored solutions for the challenges they face. Their areas of expertise include IT infrastructure, cyber security, managed services, and system integrations.  Their team of experts has extensive experience in different sectors and industries: telecom & service providers, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, military, and retail, as well as in the public sector. Haitham Babeyeh, Axelerated’s Operations Manager, is responsible for running the company’s Managed Services department and the Project Management Office (PMO) department and was looking to optimize the company’s hiring process.

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LILAB boosts new employee retention up to 90%

Based in Peru, Lima Innovation Lab (LILAB) is a leading software company dedicated to creating innovative digital solutions. From the start, their team of over 100 people has been committed to providing the best service in the digital technology field. We spoke with Dayana Castro, recruiter at LILAB.

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mDEVZ reduces hiring costs by 30% with TestGorilla

mDEVZ is a software development company that helps businesses across the globe build the software they need. mDEVZ can handle end-to-end projects, jump on a running project, or work alongside clients’ design teams. The mDEVZ team has more than 10 years of experience and has worked with companies such as Autodesk and Electronic Arts. They have experience in many different domains, from videogames, multimedia, and desktop applications, to mobile applications and web systems. Mauro Lopez is the Founder and Director of mDEVZ and needed a reliable way to test candidates’ coding skills.

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Top talent moves fast, and you need a hiring process that can keep up. Identify the top 1% of candidates immediately and start hiring the best with TestGorilla.

Our 2023 report shows that many companies were able to reduce their time-to-hire by over 51% with skills-based hiring.

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