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Finance Specialist

Finance Specialist

Work location: Worldwide
Work arrangement: Remote
Salary range: US$ 11,000 per annum
Financial management
Business Ethics and Compliance

The Finance Specialist is responsible in identifying key indicators and providing actionable recommendations to the Company to preserve price and improve portfolio profitability.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Leads, Manages, and is Accountable for her job tasks.

  • Drafts and keeps the company P&L up to date and offers financial advice to the management.

  • Identifies and implements solutions based on the financial situation to improve profitability metrics.

  • Budgets and keeps track of the financial spending on different projects.

  • Makes sure the company has a healthy financial position.

  • Keeps track of all monthly financial transactions and reports to the Bookkeeping Third Party company.

  • Aligns herself/himself with the company VALUES, VISION, and MISSION

  • Works together with other departments to optimize costs and income stream.

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This application includes an assessment as the first step