Resumes talk. TestGorilla works.

Resumes are biased, inaccurate, and rarely deliver the best candidates. In short, they don't work. But skills-based hiring does.

At TestGorilla, we offer 350+ scientifically validated tests that enable you to screen candidates effectively based on their technical skills, soft skills, and cognitive abilities.

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Skills-based hiring is the best way to recruit

Talent doesn't live on paper. With Skills-based hiring you can look past flawed criteria like education and experience to find candidates with the skills to succeed.

Employers who use this approach significantly improve the speed, cost, and accuracy of their recruitment process. While the employees hired, are happier and stay longer in their roles.

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Use TestGorilla's role-specific skills assessments to reveal candidates' real-world skills and capabilities.

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Choose from our 350+ skills and personality tests

Create your custom pre-employment assessment using tests from these categories:

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Programming skills

Test for programming skills like candidates’ ability to write code in different languages

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Measure your candidates’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in 13 languages

Role specific skills icon

Role-specific skills

Assess for role-specific skills like leadership and negotiation, and hard skills like MS Office and Accounting

Cognitive ability icon

Cognitive ability

Use cognitive ability tests to measure skills such as problem-solving and numerical reasoning

Personality and culture icon

Personality and culture

Understand your candidates’ values and how they process information and make decisions

Situational judgment icon

Situational judgment

Use situational judgment tests to understand how candidates approach certain tasks and situations

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