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La prueba del eneagrama responde al modelo de personalidad desarrollado en estudios de O. Ichazo y C. Naranjo. El modelo define nueve personalidades diferentes en un diagrama de nueve puntas que describe las creencias fundamentales y la visión del mundo de cada una de ellas.
Clock 10 min
The Enneagram test follows the personality model developed in the teachings of O. Ichazo and C. Naranjo. The model maps out nine different personalities on a nine-pointed diagram describing the core beliefs and the worldview each one operates from.
Clock 10 min
Rooted in Oldham & Hackman’s Job Characteristics Model, the job preferences test measures the extent to which your candidates' expectations align with your job offer, based on a customized survey that you and the candidate both fill out.
Clock 15 min
Geometric dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T)
This GD&T test evaluates a candidate’s ability to understand drawings using the language of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. It evaluates the applicant's knowledge of GD&T principles, concepts, and practices with the current ASME Y14.5 Standards.
Clock 10 min
Numerical reasoning
This numerical reasoning test evaluates candidates’ general aptitude with numbers and their skill in interpreting them for a wide range of applications. This test will help you identify candidates with strong numerical skills.
Clock 10 min
Python (coding): data structures & objects
This Python data structures & objects test evaluates your candidate's object-oriented programming skills. In 30 minutes, they will work with Python objects and implement a data structure. This test will help you hire mid-level Python developers.
Clock 30 min
Clean code
Clean code is the hallmark of a quality software engineer. Clean code can be the difference between wasting thousands on a project versus doing it right the first time. This screening test validates an engineer’s ability to write easy to maintain code.
Clock 10 min
Spatial reasoning
This spatial reasoning test evaluates a candidate’s ability to analyze 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional objects and space. This test is relevant for STEM-related jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and analytical skills testing.
Clock 10 min
Razonamiento espacial
En esta prueba de razonamiento espacial, se evalúa la capacidad de cada postulante para analizar objetos bidimensionales y tridimensionales, y el espacio. Esta prueba es oportuna para los trabajos relacionados con ciencia, tecnología, ingeniería y matemática (STEM, por sus siglas en inglés), y pruebas de habilidades analíticas.
Clock 10 min
Python (coding): working with arrays
This Python coding test evaluates candidates’ ability to work with arrays. The test gives candidates 30 minutes to create a short algorithm involving arrays while taking into consideration all the requirements provided.
Clock 30 min
Razonamiento numérico
En esta prueba de razonamiento numérico, se evalúa la aptitud general de cada postulante con los números y su habilidad para interpretarlos en una amplia gama de aplicaciones. Esta prueba te ayudará a identificar qué postulantes tienen fuertes habilidades numéricas.
Clock 10 min
Pensamiento crítico
Esta prueba de pensamiento crítico evalúa las habilidades de los candidatos para el pensamiento crítico a través de problemas de razonamiento inductivo y deductivo. Esta prueba te permitirá identificar postulantes que puedan evaluar la información y emitir juicios fundados utilizando la capacidad de análisis.
Clock 10 min
Culture add
This culture add test assesses how a candidate’s values and behaviors align with your organization values and the behaviors that would make your ideal hire successful in a specific role, based on a customized survey you fill out.
Clock 10 min
Python (coding): entry-level algorithms
This coding test assesses a candidate's ability to program a small algorithm in Python, testing their basic programming skills. Using a short and straightforward coding task, this test helps you identify developers with the most essential Python skills.
Clock 10 min
Critical thinking
This critical thinking test evaluates candidates’ skills in critical thinking through inductive and deductive reasoning problems. This test will help you identify candidates who can evaluate information and make sound judgments using analytical skills.
Clock 10 min
IT business analyst
The IT business analyst test evaluates candidates’ aptitude in the skills required to function as an IT business analyst. The test helps you identify candidates who can guide your business to improve its products and services through data analysis.
Clock 10 min
Python (coding): debugging
This Python debugging test evaluates candidates' ability to interpret Python code and debug it according to a set of given requirements. The test gives candidates 30 minutes to read through requirements and fix a partially working script.
Clock 30 min
Data science
This data science test assesses candidates’ skills in core data science topics such as statistics, machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning. The test is designed to help you identify entry- and mid-level data scientists.
Clock 10 min