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Culture add
This culture add test assesses how a candidate’s values, behaviors, and interests align with your company values and the behaviors and activities that would make your ideal hire successful in a specific role, based on a customized survey you fill out.
Clock 10 min
PHP (coding): intermediate-level algorithms
This PHP test evaluates candidates' coding skills through a short coding assignment. The test requires candidates to write code that meets certain requirements, and candidates can run their code to test if the result matches their expectations.
Clock 30 min
SQLite (coding): intermediate-level querying
This SQLite coding test evaluates candidates' skills in creating a query on a database with medium complexity. It immerses the candidate in a realistic scenario, and solving it requires intermediate SQLite querying skills.
Clock 30 min
SQLite (coding): complex queries
This SQLite coding test evaluates candidates' skills in creating a query on a complex database structure by immersing candidates in a realistic coding scenario. Solving the test requires deep SQLite querying skills.
Clock 40 min
IT business analyst
The IT business analyst test evaluates candidates’ aptitude in the skills required to function as an IT business analyst. The test helps you identify candidates who can guide your business to improve its products and services through data analysis.
Clock 10 min
Magento 2
The Magento 2 test assesses candidates’ skills and knowledge in developing Magento 2 modules, themes, and eCommerce websites. This test will help you hire experienced Magento 2 developers who can meet your development needs.
Clock 10 min
The Shopify test evaluates candidates’ knowledge and competency in developing, customizing, and managing a Shopify store. This test will help you hire Shopify developers who can handle all your e-commerce needs using the Shopify platform.
Clock 10 min
PHP (coding): entry-level algorithms
This PHP test assesses a candidate's ability to program a small algorithm and tests their basic programming skills. Using a short and straightforward coding task, this coding test helps you identify developers with the most essential PHP skills.
Clock 10 min
PHP (coding): object-oriented programming
This PHP coding test evaluates a candidate's object-oriented programming skills, as well as their ability to use PHP specific functions such as sort(), explode(), and array_map(). This test will help you identify and hire mid-level PHP developers.
Clock 30 min
SQLite (coding): entry-level database operations
This SQLite coding test evaluates candidates' ability to manipulate a database with low complexity and create a query that satisfies given requirements. It immerses candidates in a realistic scenario, and solving it requires entry-level SQLite skills.
Clock 20 min
WordPress developer
The WordPress developer test assesses candidates’ knowledge in the infrastructure of WordPress and coding skills for the platform. This test will help you hire WordPress developers who can set up a WordPress site and develop plugins for your needs.
Clock 10 min
The DISC test is based on the model developed by psychologist William Marston for behavioral assessment. It classifies how we express emotions into the four behavior types of DISC: dominance (D), influence (I), steadiness (S), and conscientiousness (C).
Clock 10 min