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TestGorilla optimizes the recruitment process for finance roles, focusing on critical and diverse skills in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Our platform accelerates your hiring timeline, reduces hiring costs, and ensures your daily operations remain uninterrupted.

How skills-based hiring enhances employee retention, reduces mis-hires, and cuts hiring costs


of employers say skills-based hiring reduces mis-hires


of employers reduced cost-to-hire when using skills-based hiring


of organizations improved employee retention when hiring for skills


of employers agree skills-based hiring is more effective than resumes

We believe that TestGorilla is helping us to speed up hiring for language-support roles, evaluate candidates more objectively, and hire more efficiently.

Julia Panchenko, Services Recruitment Manager, Revolut

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Revolut improves time-to-hire by 40% using TestGorilla

Revolut improves time-to-hire by 40% using TestGorilla

Revolut is a global leader in the financial services industry. Since the organization was founded in 2015, its team has worked tirelessly to close the gap between traditional banking and modern fintech which has the potential to change the world. In just a few years, Revolut has grown from a simple cash-management app to a fully-fledged European bank with more than 20 million personal customers and 950,000 business customers in more than 200 countries.  Julia Panchenko, the services recruitment manager at Revolut, faced the challenge of building high-functioning multi-lingual teams to serve a truly global enterprise.

Dyninno Group improves candidate screening rate and increases recruitment productivity by 400% using TestGorilla

Dyninno Group improves recruitment productivity by 400% using TestGorilla

Dyninno is a group of companies,  providing products and services in the travel, finance, entertainment, and technology sectors in more than 50 countries. Founded in 2004, now the company has 25 offices with total headcount of 5,000 employees.   Since the start of 2022, Dyninno Group has rapidly expanded its business across multiple companies and divisions, and as a result, needed to recruit more than 2,000 employees in less than six months in 2023. However, Pavel Bahu, Global human resources director at Trevolution (travel division of Dyninno), faced the challenge of effectively screening the increased number of candidates without diminishing the efficiency of their current hiring process – especially as they continue to hire 100s of candidates each month in different locations.

LILAB boosts new employee retention up to 90%

Based in Peru, Lima Innovation Lab (LILAB) is a leading software company dedicated to creating innovative digital solutions. From the start, their team of over 100 people has been committed to providing the best service in the digital technology field. We spoke with Dayana Castro, recruiter at LILAB.

Use our tests to hire for critical financial roles

In the finance sector, skills assessments are an invaluable tool, allowing hiring teams to accurately gauge candidates’ competencies and expertise for specific finance roles. TestGorilla offers recruiters a deeper understanding of a candidate’s drive, cultural fit, and communication skills.

Financial accounting (US GAAP)

This financial accounting (US GAAP) test evaluates candidates’ ability to record, classify, and summarize accounting transactions according to US GAAP. This screening test will help you to hire experts with practical financial accounting skills.
10 min

Accounting (intermediate)

This Accounting (Intermediate) test evaluates a candidate’s ability to record financial transactions in the relevant books of accounts. This hiring test will help you hire accounting experts who can interpret and communicate financial information.
10 min

Accounts receivable

This test evaluates candidates’ skills in identifying, recording, and managing accounts receivable. The test helps you identify accountants who have the skills required to work in accounting and maintain records for accounts receivable.
10 min


This Xero test evaluates candidates’ proficiency in the software, including their ability to navigate the system, maintain company lists, process transactions, generate reports, prepare reconciliations, and other key accounting functions.
10 min

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