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IT support interview questions to ask experienced job applicants

58 IT support interview questions to ask experienced job applicants 

Finding candidates with strong technical skills can be challenging, especially when hiring for an IT support role. This job requires experience and deep knowledge of software and operating systems.  One way to identify these professionals is to send candidates a skills test, such as our Technical Support Help Desk Representative test. You can use this…

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what is realistic job preview

What a realistic job preview is and how to create one-1

One of the most frustrating things for recruiters is when new employees leave soon after they start a post. Most of the time, the reason why these employees quit is that the job wasn’t what they expected.-1 Aside from focusing on hiring talented and suitable employees, recruiters must also invest in retention. Thankfully, there is…

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pair programming interview guide

The pair programming interview guide for employers

A pair programming interview is great for technical roles, but how should you structure one? Do you focus on skills-based hiring techniques? What is the ideal preparation? These questions are important to consider when holding this type of interview.  Professional developers should be aware of common interview mistakes and the tools that can support the…

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