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About the SQL Server Gestion Studio test

Microsoft SQL Server Gestion Studio (SSMS) is a powerful, free integrated development environment (IDE) for connecting, configuring, managing, and administering SQL Servers. With options to complete most tasks either through the graphic user interface (GUI) or programmatically, SSMS makes completing common – and often time-consuming – SQL Server tasks simpler and more efficient. Though user-friendly, it takes an expert in SQL Server Gestion Studio to unlock its full potential.

This SQL Server Gestion Studio test evaluates candidates’ abilities to understand and work within the SSMS environment. This screening test also evaluates candidates’ skill in using explorers and windows, query and text editors, and visual database tools in SQL Server Gestion Studio.

With its focus on common situations found at the workplace, this screening test will help you identify database professionals who can use SQL Server Gestion Studio to complete a wide range of SQL Server tasks and bring efficiencies to your processes.

Le test est effectué par un expert en la matière.

Rizwan M.

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SQL Server Management Studio test online

What is SQL Server Gestion Studio online test? How will it help you?

An online SQL Server Gestion Studio test is a pre-employment skills assessment that helps you evaluate your candidates’ abilities to use SSMS tools to design, develop, and manage databases on SQL Servers in a faster and bias-free manner.

If you have run into difficulties when hiring SQL Server developers who can confidently use the SSMS platform, this SQL Server online test will help you overcome these challenges and streamline your hiring.

SQL server skills are vital for managing and configuring servers, handling SQL infrastructure, and administering server instances. The integrated environment is perfect for handling tasks in the GUI quickly and efficiently. But, to make sure your business maximizes its use of the SQL Server Gestion Studio, you need expert SQL Server developers on your team.

To make sure you’re hiring the perfect match each time, you need a way to confidently evaluate their skills. Otherwise said, you need hard facts and data to support your hiring decisions.

You may also find that two applicants with a very similar skill profile want to join your organization – which means that you need to be able to compare their skills and be sure to make the right choice. You also need to limit unconscious bias and perhaps work towards building a more diverse team.

So, you may be wondering: “What’s the best way to make a sound hiring decision?”

If you want to objectively evaluate your SQL Server Gestion Studio applicants or choose the candidate who outshines everyone else, we have the right solution for you: Our SQL skills test.

Use this test to make sure you’re selecting the best applicant with the strongest SSMS skills to join your team. With the help of this test, you can build a strong and diverse team that consistently achieves its goals.

Review these 4 vital skills with our SQL Server Gestion Studio online test

This SQL screening test for the SSMS IDE is the most objective and reliable assessment you can find online to assess all four essential SQL Server Gestion skills:

Strong understanding of the SSMS environment: Learn if your applicants understand how to use the SQL Server Gestion Studio (SSMS) environment and know the difference between a shared and a standalone environment. Find out whether they know how to add SQL server environments with our test.

Expertise in using text and query editors: Identify the applicants who understand how to use a text editor to implement base functionality levels. Find out whether they understand how query editors work in the SQL Server Gestion Studio platform with this test.

In-depth knowledge of explorers and windows: Test the depth of your applicants’ knowledge of explorers and their provision of hierarchical user interfaces in SQL Server Gestion Studio.

Skills and expertise in visual database tools in SSMS: Find out if your prospective hires can use visual database tools, including various design tools, to manage and work with data sources in the SQL Server Gestion Studio. Use our SQL skills test for this, and find out how well your applicants can use visual database tools to create queries too.

The scoring system of this SQL Server online test has three levels to enable you to make the best decision. First, you get an overall percentage out of 100% for every applicant who completes the test. Additionally, our platform provides a star-based ranking for your applicants and records the time it takes your candidates to complete the test.

Make TestGorilla’s SQL Server online test a part of your recruitment process to get the advantages of objective data on candidates’ skills.

SQL Server Management Studio test online
SQL Server Management Studio test online

Why should you select this SQL screening test when hiring professionals?

There are several other unique advantages to integrating this SQL server quiz into your hiring process. Choose our test to receive these hiring bonuses:

Eliminate unconscious bias when hiring a SQL server developer: Our team at TestGorilla knows that hiring decisions can be easily influenced by unconscious bias, which can get in the way of team diversity. To eliminate unconscious bias when hiring an SQL server developer and build a truly diverse team, you need an objective method of assessing applicants’ skills, such as this SQL Server online test.

Test the values of your hires by combining the SQL skills test with other tests: One of the advantages of using TestGorilla to hire SQL Server developers is that you can build a skills assessment of up to five tests and get to know your applicants really well. From personality assessments to tests that assess culture add potential, to situational judgment tests, there’s plenty to choose from. So, use TestGorilla to check your candidates’ compatibility with your organization and their alignment with your organizational culture – and hire only the right match!

Boost the performance of your development team: With all the granular data on applicants’ skills you’ll get with this test, you’ll get a precise sense of how they’ll perform if you hire them for your open position – and whether they’ll be able to help your team achieve its goals. Our SQL server quiz test will also incentivize applicants to pursue excellence in their SQL Server roles and improve their skills continuously.

6,000+ businesses: That’s how many companies use TestGorilla to hire top applicants. Among them, you’ll find Publicis Groupe, Majorel, Technicolor, Oracle, and many more – so you’ll be in good company!

For the best results, integrate our SQL screening test in your hiring process, preferably at its early stages, to screen applicants quickly and efficiently.

Select from 230+ skills tests and join the thousands of organizations that use our assessments to make their hiring better, faster, and more objective.


What is the difference between an assessment and a test?
An assessment is the total package of tests and custom questions that you put together to evaluate your candidates. Each individual test within an assessment is designed to test something specific, such as a job skill or language. An assessment can consist of up to 5 tests and 20 custom questions. You can have candidates respond to your custom questions in several ways, such as with a personalized video.
Can I add my own questions to an assessment?
Yes! Custom questions are great for testing candidates in your own unique way. We support the following question types: video, multiple-choice, coding, file upload, and essay. Besides adding your own custom questions, you can also create your own tests.
How do video questions work?
A video question is a specific type of custom question you can add to your assessment. Video questions let you create a question and have your candidates use their webcam to record a video response. This is an excellent way to see how a candidate would conduct themselves in a live interview, and is especially useful for sales and hospitality roles. Some good examples of things to ask for video questions would be "Why do you want to work for our company?" or "Try to sell me an item you have on your desk right now." You can learn more about video questions here.
Can you explain how the other custom question types work?
Besides video questions, you can also add the following types of custom questions: multiple-choice, coding, file upload, and essay. Multiple-choice lets your candidates choose from a list of answers that you provide, coding lets you create a coding problem for them to solve, file upload allows your candidates to upload a file that you request (such as a resume or portfolio), and essay allows an open-ended text response to your question. You can learn more about different custom question types here.
Can I customize an assessment with my company logo and color theme?
Yes! You can add your own logo and company color theme to your assessments. This is a great way to leave a positive and lasting brand impression on your candidates.
What type of support do you offer?
Our team is always here to help. After you sign up, we’ll reach out to guide you through the first steps of setting up your TestGorilla account. If you have any further questions, you can contact our support team via email, chat or call. We also offer detailed guides in our extensive Help & Inspiration Center.
What is the cost for using the SQL Server Gestion Studio test?
You can find our pricing packages here. Sign up here to try TestGorilla today.
Can I combine the SQL Server Gestion Studio test with other tests?
Yes. You can add up to five tests to each assessment.
Where in my recruitment process should I use the SQL Server Gestion Studio test?
We recommend using our assessment software as a pre-screening tool at the beginning of your recruitment process. You can add a link to the assessment in your job post or directly invite candidates by email. TestGorilla replaces traditional CV screening with a much more reliable and efficient process, designed to find the most skilled candidates earlier and faster.

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