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About the MariaDB (Dev) test

MariaDB ist einer der am weitesten verbreiteten Datenbankserver auf der ganzen Welt. Da es sich um eine Open-Source-Lösung handelt, haben sich viele Unternehmen für die Verwendung von MariaDB für ihre Online-Anwendungen entschieden. Daher sind MariaDB-Entwickler:innen sehr gefragt, um die Anforderungen an Datenbankdesign und -entwicklung zu erfüllen. Dieser Test wurde entwickelt, um Kandidat:innen in vier Hauptbereichen zu bewerten. Ziel ist es, Kandidat:innen in die engere Auswahl zu nehmen, die über gute Kenntnisse in der Datenbankentwicklung verfügen, T-SQL auf mittlerem Niveau schreiben können und mit DDL und DML gut vertraut sind. Der Test bewertet auch die Fähigkeit der Kandidat:innen, mit Fehlern und Problemen der Concurrency Control umzugehen.

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MariaDB online test

What is a MariaDB skills test? How will it help you hire top MariaDB developers?

TestGorilla’s online MariaDB coding test is a skills assessment that evaluates a developer’s skills to develop database designs using MariaDB.

This online test enables you to evaluate the technical skills of job applicants without bias so that you can choose the most qualified candidates to interview.

The online coding test helps businesses like yours hire experienced MariaDB developers, database developers, and experts for other roles that require a strong grasp of MariaDB. You can easily integrate the test into your ATS when you start the recruitment process and safely rely on the data-driven results and evaluate MariaDB developers with the skill set your company needs.

MariaDB is an improved version of MySQL. It has features, usability, security, and performance that MySQL doesn’t provide. MariaDB is widely used for data warehousing, e-commerce, logging applications, and more.

Hiring MariaDB developers is a great option for organizations looking to have a high-performance relational database solution. But the competition among companies to hire from the limited pool of experienced MariaDB developers and engineers can make it difficult to find the right person to fill your open role.

The shortage of experienced MariaDB developers, in addition to the unconscious biases of hiring managers often results in expensive mis-hires. Relying on traditional resume screening to filter out candidates can also make the hiring process time-consuming and inefficient.

A skills-based MariaDB coding test is a cost-effective solution to these problems that will help you find and hire MariaDB developers quickly.

How will this online MariaDB coding test evaluate developers’ abilities?

TestGorilla’s online MariaDB coding test will help you assess your next MariaDB developers through a bias-free, data-driven method.

The MariaDB skills test evaluates candidates’ practical experience in database design and physical schema, SQL development, transaction, error handling, and performance tuning. Applicants who perform well on the test can operate databases effectively and with ease.

This test has been designed to test candidates in four main skill areas with the objective to shortlist candidates who have good knowledge of database development, have the ability to write intermediate-level T-SQL and are well versed with DDL and DML.

TestGorilla’s pre-employment MariaDB online test helps you eliminate unconscious hiring biases that traditional CV-based recruitment practices fail to address. Instead of emphasizing candidates’ education and degrees, pre-employment tests focus directly on their skills, giving you an opportunity to access a global pool of remote talent.

MariaDB online test
MariaDB online test

Why should you use this MariaDB online skills test?

It’s critical to assess a MariaDB developer’s competence objectively in your recruitment process. Evaluating and understanding a candidate’s expertise in MariaDB before conducting interviews ensures that you have the best candidates to select from.

Hiring the best MariaDB developers can be expensive and time-consuming due to the increasing competition among companies.

One of the primary challenges you’ll face while hiring quality developers will be screening out developers who don’t match your requirements so that you can focus on those who are the most suitable for the role. Unconscious bias in traditional, CV-based hiring is another challenge that recruiters face.

As recruiting developers with the right skills becomes tougher for businesses, skills-based hiring is the best solution you can adopt for your hiring process.

TestGorilla offers you world-class pre-employment tests like this MariaDB coding test, which you can use to evaluate candidates effectively. Our data-driven approach to candidate assessment lets you dig deeper into candidates’ abilities. Leave CV screening behind, and save valuable time by allowing our skills tests to verify applicants’ skills for you.

TestGorilla’s skills assessments enable you to predict candidates’ success in your open role by giving you objective indicators that help you pick out candidates who will be high-performing employees. Unconscious bias and tedious resume screening will be a thing of the past when you choose our pre-employment tests.

If you want to easily identify top MariaDB developers, try TestGorilla’s online MariaDB skills test today. You’ll be joining more than 5,700 companies that have replaced CV screening with TestGorilla’s assessments.

Sign up for free or choose the best pricing plan for your needs. You can talk to our sales team today and start hiring skilled MariaDB developers right away.


What is the difference between an assessment and a test?
Ein Assessment ist ein Gesamtpaket von Tests und benutzerdefinierten Fragen, die du zur Bewertung deiner Bewerber:innen zusammenstellst. Jeder einzelne Test innerhalb eines Assessments ist so konzipiert, dass er etwas Bestimmtes prüft, z. B. eine berufliche Fähigkeit oder eine Sprache. Eine Bewertung kann aus bis zu 5 Tests und 20 benutzerdefinierten Fragen bestehen.Du kannst den Bewerbern:innen ermöglichen, auf verschiedene Weise auf deine benutzerdefinierten Fragen zu antworten, z. B. mit einem personalisierten Video.
Can I add my own questions to an assessment?
Yes! Custom questions are great for testing candidates in your own unique way. We support the following question types: video, multiple-choice, coding, file upload, and essay. Besides adding your own custom questions, you can also create your own tests.
How do video questions work?
A video question is a specific type of custom question you can add to your assessment. Video questions let you create a question and have your candidates use their webcam to record a video response. This is an excellent way to see how a candidate would conduct themselves in a live interview, and is especially useful for sales and hospitality roles. Some good examples of things to ask for video questions would be "Why do you want to work for our company?" or "Try to sell me an item you have on your desk right now." You can learn more about video questions here.
Can you explain how the other custom question types work?
Besides video questions, you can also add the following types of custom questions: multiple-choice, coding, file upload, and essay. Multiple-choice lets your candidates choose from a list of answers that you provide, coding lets you create a coding problem for them to solve, file upload allows your candidates to upload a file that you request (such as a resume or portfolio), and essay allows an open-ended text response to your question. You can learn more about different custom question types here.
Can I customize an assessment with my company logo and color theme?
Yes! You can add your own logo and company color theme to your assessments. This is a great way to leave a positive and lasting brand impression on your candidates.
Welche Art von Support wird angeboten?
Our team is always here to help. After you sign up, we’ll reach out to guide you through the first steps of setting up your TestGorilla account. If you have any further questions, you can contact our support team via email, chat or call. We also offer detailed guides in our extensive Help & Inspiration Center.
What is the cost for using the MariaDB (Dev) test?
You can find our pricing packages here. Sign up here to try TestGorilla today.
Can I combine the MariaDB (Dev) test with other tests?
Yes. You can add up to five tests to each assessment.
Where in my recruitment process should I use the MariaDB (Dev) test?
We recommend using our assessment software as a pre-screening tool at the beginning of your recruitment process. You can add a link to the assessment in your job post or directly invite candidates by email. TestGorilla replaces traditional CV screening with a much more reliable and efficient process, designed to find the most skilled candidates earlier and faster.

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