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how to test language proficiency in your hiring process

How to test for language proficiency in your hiring process

Regardless of whether your employees will be working in English, Dutch, French, or Mandarin, language proficiency is crucial in most work environments. If your candidates aren’t native speakers of the language in question, a language proficiency test can help determine whether they understand the language well enough to succeed. This...

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skills assessments for recruiters

Everything recruiters need to know about candidate skills assessment tests

Every recruiter would love to spend less time reading resumes. If that’s resonating with you, then candidate skills assessment tests are exactly what you need. Research suggests 82 percent of companies are already using some type of pre-employment assessment in their hiring process. Skills assessment tests, in particular, can...

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7 test types for a strong pre-employment assessment

The 7 test types you need for a strong pre-employment assessment

Screening CVs must be one of the most ineffective ways to find good candidates for your open roles. There’s no standard format, candidates can exaggerate (while others may be too humble for their own good), and your eyes glaze over after the 10th bullet point. A better way to...

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