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23 Java debugging interview questions

It’s not always easy to hire an exceptional developer with excellent debugging skills. Even though you know which skills your open role requires, a few things can stand in your way of hiring the right developer. For example, how can you find out if your candidates have the Java...

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How to test for English fluency during hiring

If you’re selling products or services to an English-speaking audience, your employees’ proficiency in English will help drive the success of your organization and maintain its reputation. This means it’s vital to assess your candidates’ English proficiency. But how can you make sure your candidates are proficient in English...

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100 basic excel interview questions

100 basic Excel interview questions

Around the globe, large and small organizations use Excel regularly. This Microsoft application is such a critical part of business operations thanks to the way it facilitates data management But for Excel to be useful for your organization, you need talent on your team who can use the application...

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A quick and easy guide to design thinking

Design thinking is a phrase that’s recently shot into prominence across the globe. The creation of prestigious design thinking programs at institutions such as MIT and Stanford University has established its importance, and it’s become something of a buzzword. But what exactly is design thinking? Its popularity means its...

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