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How to encourage your employees to think critically

Research suggests that, on average, adults make about 35,000 conscious decisions every day. A scary number indeed, but the decisions we make daily will all vary in their own scariness. Choosing what to wear in the morning, for example, is less anxiety-inducing and requires less thought than, say, deciding...

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10 meta skills you need to achieve career success in 2022

Upskilling and reskilling have always been important activities for employers. After all, investing in employees’ learning and development is key to improving employee retention, performance, and engagement. However, investing in your own upskilling and reskilling is vital for standing out in a fast-paced labor market with ever-changing essential skills....

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how to assess the skills of your employees

How to assess the skills of your employees

Assessing the skills of your employees means analyzing the capacities of your workforce to further grow your business. One way of assessing the skill set of your employees is by using the “knowledge, skills, attitude” model, or the KSA model. This is a model that encompasses the value an...

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