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How to hire your first sales rep in 10 easy steps

If you’re a startup or a small business and you’re growing, you’ll need to start building a sales team at some point. Sales representatives are responsible for selling products and services on behalf of a business, keeping prospects and customers informed and happy, and closing deals with leads from...

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6 tips for giving constructive interview feedback

You’ve spent weeks or maybe even months screening resumes, assessing skills, and conducting interviews, and now you’ve finally found the perfect person for your open role. Once they’ve accepted your offer, you’re eager to start the onboarding process and integrate them into the company and team. However, even though...

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hiring team's guide to scaling hiring

Your hiring team’s guide to scaling hiring

Scaling hiring can be challenging for companies. Hiring 1-2 new employees per quarter is relatively easy, especially if you’re hiring for similar positions. But what if you need to hire 15 or 20? If your business is growing, you need to be able to meet your staffing needs and...

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