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basic knowledge adobe photoshop

Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop

When someone mentions Adobe Photoshop do you immediately think of those unintentionally hilarious Photoshop fails posted on the internet? It’s a pity those enthusiastic amateur image editors hadn’t taken a Photoshop test before they proudly displayed their efforts online. Although many of us will never use Photoshop at work...

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math skills interview questions

25 math skills interview questions

It’s critical to find candidates with math skills when recruiting for finance, technology, and engineering roles. Employees’ math skills can make or break a business, so you should know how to accurately assess your applicants’ math skills when you’re hiring skilled professionals. Although this isn’t simple, there are some...

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featured image for how to hire employees for your small business

How to hire employees for your small business

You’ve been running your small business successfully for a while now, but operations are expanding and you can no longer keep up with the workload. It’s time to delegate some of your work and hire employees. Regardless of whether you’re hiring for the first time or you already have...

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