Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Hi there,

I’m Marie, the Talent Acquisition Specialist at TestGorilla. We’re a fast-growing HR tech startup that helps teams make better hiring decisions faster and bias-free.

Over the last year, we’ve experienced tremendous growth. More than 3,000 companies have replaced CVs with our assessments to screen candidates in an unbiased and data-driven way. 

As we look to scale our efforts in 2022 and beyond, we’re looking for a Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist who’s passionate about joining our quest to help people land dream jobs.

Our offer

● Helping shape a fast-growing HR tech startup as an early employee

● Fully remote position with bright, motivated, and friendly colleagues around the world 

● €14,000- €24,000 compensation (based on experience and performance) + stock options

● Flexible hours and vacation

● Paid parental leave 

● €500 hardware stipend per year

The role in context

As a Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist, you help in the recruitment process from end-to-end for all our candidates and hiring managers: write job descriptions, source talent through effective channels, lead candidates through their recruitment process and facilitate the decision making.

You thereby give candidates a great experience irrespective of the outcome of their recruitment process, and you give hiring managers a great deal of leverage.

As our growth is supply-constrained rather than demand-constrained, you play a huge role in the growth of the company. As we’re a young and successful company in the recruitment space, you’re at the frontier of developments in the industry – a great place to advance your career in recruitment.

You’ll spend time on the following

● Write and publish compelling job descriptions (based on the input from hiring managers)

● Source talent through effective channels (remote job boards, recruitment agencies, personal outreach through LinkedIn, etc.) 

● Engage and build relationships with candidates

● Assess candidates using our own product and propose a shortlist of candidates to hiring managers

● Schedule interviews and facilitate the decision making by bringing the interviewers together

● Prepare offer letters

● Coordinate and prepare the onboarding process of new hires

● Keep abreast with best practices in talent acquisition and propose continuous improvements to our processes

● Promote our reputation as the “best place to work”

Here’s what we’re looking for

● You are inspired by our mission of putting people in their dream jobs 

● You have outstanding organizational skills and excellent English written and communication skills

● You have good time management skills, including prioritizing and scheduling 

● You are an active listener and a facilitator with a knack for a collaborative approach and a strong emotional intelligence 

● You are comfortable with the ambiguity and pace of iteration of an early-stage startup

Bonus points if…

● You have experience working in a SaaS company and a fast-growing startup 

● You have experience in Talent Acquisition

About TestGorilla

At TestGorilla, we envision a world where everyone has their dream job. To achieve that, employers and employees need to have the right information about each other. 

We started in 2020 by building a screening platform that allows employers to evaluate candidates in the skills that matter most for success in a role. Our product replaces subjective, incomplete, and often inflated CVs with objective, reliable, and fair test results that measure aptitude, practical job skills, culture add, and motivation. 

Improving and expanding this platform is our core focus at the moment, but it’s only the beginning of our journey to get everyone their dream job. Over time, we will launch more products that support this mission.

Recently, we procured $10M in seed funding from investors like Notion Capital and Jeff Weiner (the ex-CEO of LinkedIn), and our growth is on target to continue exponentially. Chances are you’re familiar with some of our biggest customers, like the UK’s National Health Services, 3M, Sony, Boy Scouts of America, PepsiCo, Bain & Company, and Deloitte.

We work remotely, spread across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.


We don’t offer rainbow glitter unicorns or dog-friendly offices (we literally don’t have an office), but we do offer real people, solid core values, and a product meant to give everyone a fair, unbiased chance at their dream jobs.

Here at TestGorilla, we eat our own dog food. We use our assessment platform to make sure we make the best hiring decisions faster and bias-free. I took one too and I enjoyed it!

So if this role sounds like a good fit for you, I’d like you to take an assessment so we can get a better idea about whether you would fit the role. It’s also a great opportunity for you to get to know our product!

If you’re hired, I’ll do everything I can to help you succeed at TestGorilla and throughout the rest of your career.

departments: General & administrative
employment types: Full Time
job locations: 100% Remote