Pre-employment screening

In-depth articles on pre-employment skills screening.

the top 6 sourcing tools

The top 6 sourcing tools you need to consider for recruiting

It’s no secret that recruitment is challenging. And it’s as important as it is difficult. With various studies highlighting the cost of a bad hire, it’s critical—not just to your performance as a recruiter but to the success of your entire company—that you get it right. So it’s important to dig your well before your…

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how to improve your candidate selection

How to improve your candidate selection process in 7 simple steps

Candidate selection is a cornerstone of finding the best talent for your organization, but it can be a lengthy and costly process.  An efficient applicant selection process will help you keep your hiring costs low and predictable. And it will make things easier for everyone involved: management, HR , and candidates. It will also project…

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how to minimise unconscious bias and hiring discrimination

How to minimize unconscious bias and hiring discrimination

Under laws enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), it is illegal to discriminate against any job applicant or candidate on the basis of their race, color, religion, age, and many other factors. Yet hiring discrimination remains a huge issue in recruitment and hiring. Unfortunately, many recruiters and hiring managers discriminate against candidates without…

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how to use critical thinking tests in the hiring process

How to use critical thinking tests in the hiring process

Reports suggest that over the next five years, 35% of the skills that are considered necessary in today’s workforce will be replaced by other skills. But regardless of what changes may come, some skills will always be important. According to the Future Jobs Report from the World Economic Forum, critical thinking ability is one such…

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how to confidently hire your first QA engineer

How to confidently hire your first QA engineer

Hiring any role for the first time can be tricky, but hiring a highly technical role for the first time, such as a QA engineer, can be particularly challenging.  Translating previous experience and qualifications into skills and expertise isn’t a straightforward process. And when your company’s quality assurance (QA) process depends on this role, getting…

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online recruitment methods for hiring the right candidate

3 online recruitment methods for hiring the right candidate every time

Online recruitment has exploded in recent years. One of the most well-known digital job boards, Indeed, receives over 250 million unique visitors every month, while the 2019 recruiting report by Jobvite showed that a whopping 84.31% of all job applications happen online either via job boards or career sites. These figures make the days of…

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7 test types for a strong pre-employment assessment

The 7 test types you need for a strong pre-employment assessment

Screening CVs must be one of the most ineffective ways to find good candidates for your open roles. There’s no standard format, candidates can exaggerate (while others may be too humble for their own good), and your eyes glaze over after the 10th bullet point. A better way to screen candidates? Pre-employment assessments. Pre-employment assessments…

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Cognitive Ability Tests Blog TestGorilla

Cognitive ability tests: The ultimate guide for recruiters

Cognitive ability tests are a recruiter’s secret weapon for employee selection. Why? Because companies that use a cognitive ability test for hiring see higher employee performance and productivity, decreased turnover, and significant cost savings. And that’s because cognitive ability tests assess a candidate’s mental abilities, highlighting skills that don’t show up on a CV or…

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advanced excel skills guide

The definitive guide to hiring an expert with advanced Excel skills

Hiring an employee with advanced Excel skills can be challenging. Not only do you have to identify which advanced Excel skills their job will require, but you also have to find a way to test these skills in your candidates. Things get even more complicated if you’re not an Excel expert. Fortunately, there are ways…

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The ultimate guide to using job simulations in hiring

Hiring the most qualified candidate for a job often feels like trying to catch that one specific raindrop in a deluge. With hundreds if not thousands of CVs pouring in for every open position offering self-produced assessments of candidates’ skills and abilities, it’s nearly impossible (and extremely time-consuming) to know who the most qualified candidates…

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