Pre-employment screening

In-depth articles on pre-employment skills screening.

what does a drupal developer do and why your business needs one

What does a Drupal developer do, and why does your business need one?

The way you build your business website will determine how well it will respond to change as your organization grows. That’s why you should consider using a platform that enables you to improve your marketing efforts. Drupal is a leading content management system (CMS) that improves the quality of websites, making it a valuable addition…

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11 top HackerRank alternatives to make the right hire

Table of contents Why look for a HackerRank alternative? TestGorilla CodeSignal eSkill DoSelect Qualified WeCP Otomeyt HR Avatar Skillspace Codeaid Vervoe HackerRank alternatives compared ✅ Pick the best pre-employment assessment platform for your needs Why look for a HackerRank Alternative? 1. Unintuitive interface HackerRank’s interface design doesn’t offer an engaging experience, especially if you don’t…

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how to recruit german speaking job candidates

How to recruit German-speaking job candidates

Most companies prefer multilingual employees over monolingual ones. This is because, generally, multilingual employees have higher cognitive skills and tend to be more efficient. Although German is a widely spoken language, finding and recruiting sufficiently proficient candidates for your business could be a hassle. Modern-day organizations want to add diversity to their culture, but this…

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gcp interview questions

48 GCP interview questions to hire an expert

Skilled engineers can easily manage libraries and resources in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). But how can you be sure you’re hiring a skilled applicant who understands the platform and knows how to make the most of it? There are two ways: First, invite applicants to complete a Google Cloud Platform assessment and then, conduct…

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11 Criteria Corp alternatives for candidate skill tests

Table of contents Pros & cons of Criteria Corp skills assessment platform TestGorilla The Predictive Index Wonscore by Wonderlic Mercer Mettle Assessments Indeed Assessments iMocha Harver TestDome Pymetrics HireVue HireSuccess Breakdown of Criteria Corp alternatives ✅ Make skills testing part of your recruiting process Pros & cons of Criteria Corp skills assessment platform Criteria Corp…

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hire arabic experts

How to hire Arabic language experts in 5 easy steps

Hiring multilingual employees brings much value to the table – from bridging gaps in international business partnerships to promoting workplace diversity.  As a recruiter, attracting candidates and engaging qualified applicants can be a struggle. It’s even more challenging to find candidates proficient in a particular language, like Arabic language experts.  This guide is for you…

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Your guide to accountant manager skills and how to test them

Building healthy and strategic client relationships requires time, negotiation, and technical skills. Your account manager needs these skills to close deals with potential clients.  Excellent account managers add value to your establishment by deepening your company’s relationship with clients. This strengthens your business’ position, helping it remain competitive in the industry. Evaluating account manager skills…

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hire japanese language experts guide

How to hire Japanese language experts: A step-by-step guide

If you’re wondering how to go about successfully hiring Japanese language experts when you don’t speak Japanese yourself, don’t worry. Our step-by-step guide will give you all the key information and show you how to use a Japanese language proficiency test to screen candidates. Did you know that Japanese can be a difficult language to…

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hire interior designer

How to hire an interior designer: Skills, salary, and everything else you need to know

Are you looking to hire interior designers? There are many reasons why companies and individuals choose to hire an interior designer, and they have different motivations for doing so.  It can be tricky to hire an interior designer if you don’t have interior design skills yourself. How will you know what to look for? How…

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how equipment maintenance test helps hire best technicians

How an online equipment maintenance test can help you hire the best technicians

Proper maintenance of equipment is essential to keep heavy machinery running safely and efficiently. It’s crucial that your maintenance technicians and mechanics have the right skills to carry out the job properly, but how do you know before an interview if your candidates possess the right level of competence for the role?  CVs won’t tell…

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hospitality recruitment tips hire best staff

10 essential hospitality recruitment tips to hire the best staff

A good hospitality recruitment strategy is essential, because the staff make or break a hotel’s reputation. Hospitality employees generally have a high turnover rate, so finding and retaining the best workers is one of the keys to success. Why is hospitality recruitment so difficult? The short answer is that hotel and restaurant work is hard….

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swedish language test c1 hire experts

Swedish language C1 test: How to hire the best Swedish experts

Technology has brought worldwide opportunities to businesses, and if you have a Swedish-based business or Swedish-speaking customers, it makes sense to hire a proficient Swedish speaker. The fastest and most accurate way to do this is to use a C1 Swedish language test to screen your candidates. When you use a Swedish language proficiency test…

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