Pre-employment screening

In-depth articles on pre-employment skills screening.

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What is social media screening a recruiters guide featured image

What is social media screening: A recruiter's guide

Social media has become integral to our lives, blurring the lines between personal and professional spheres. As a result, employers are turning to social media to find top talent and obtain a more detailed picture of candidates – enhancing the applicant screening process.  Social media screening enables employers to pick up on any red flags early in the process, such as discriminatory behavior or intolerance, which is highly detrimental to a healthy workplace culture. It also acts as a preventat

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How Ban the Box affects your recruitment process featured image

How Ban the Box affects your recruitment process

Employers are losing out on top candidates because of a single checkbox on application forms that asks applicants to disclose their criminal history and enables employers to conduct background checks. However, a marked checkbox alone is often enough to end an applicant’s prospects in the hiring journey.   Ban the Box policies have been implemented to remove this discriminatory barrier during the application process, giving all candidates a fair chance, and encouraging employers to use bias-free

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What does Ban the Box mean and why is it important featured image

37 states with Ban the Box laws: Employer’s guide

Many states and cities in the US have Ban the Box laws. You must understand which ones apply to you and what your obligations are as an employer. Failure to do so can result in discriminatory hiring practices and penalties, including fines.  Ban the Box regulations can be complex, and multiple laws may apply to you at the state and local levels. Our state-by-state guide to Ban the Box laws will help you understand how to avoid unfair hiring practices and comply with relevant regulations.

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What is a background check featured image

What is a background check? Employer’s guide

Sometimes, you can hire a candidate who seemingly ticks all the right boxes – only to discover that they fibbed about their qualifications and experiences. Or, they had criminal records, financial liabilities, or other problems you weren’t aware of.  Terminating the employee and rehiring for the role can be a painful undertaking. On top of this, their presence could also result in poor-quality work, reputational damage, or an unsafe working environment for team members. That’s why it's essential

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7 best aptitude test available online featured image

7 best aptitude tests available online

When hiring for an open position, it’s important to cut through all the resumes and objectively evaluate each candidate to choose the right individual. After all, there’s a lot at stake. A mis-hire can hurt team morale, affect productivity, waste time, and even harm your bottom line. The good news is that aptitude tests provide valuable data about every candidate. They reduce human bias and help you make the right hire.  In this article, we'll give you the inside scoop on the seven best aptitude

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Legal aspects of background checks for employment featured image

Legal aspects of background checks for employment: What you need to know

Hiring the wrong person for a role can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s why many employers use a combination of pre-employment screening methods to gain a clearer picture of candidates. These include talent assessments, resume reviews, and background checks.  Background checks may help you better understand a candidate and uncover any red flags that could affect their suitability for a role. However, it’s crucial that you conduct them fairly and lawfully, or you risk facing costly financi

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advanced microsoft office skills assessment full guide featured image

Advanced Microsoft Office skills assessment: Full guide

Some jobs require candidates to have only a basic understanding of the Microsoft Office Suite. For roles that require collaboration between multiple teams or heavy data analysis, on the other hand, your ideal candidates need to know more than just the basics. But, distinguishing between general and advanced Microsoft Office skills can be challenging, and assessing these skills is even more so. And failing to understand and assess advanced Microsoft Office skills accurately can result in steeper

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What are interview scorecards Plus pros cons and a template featured image

What are interview scorecards? (Plus pros, cons, and a template)

Trying to evaluate a candidate during a short interview accurately can be tricky. With so many qualities and skills to assess, how can you be sure you’re making the right call? Evaluating candidates with interview scorecards can help. Interview scorecards can increase consistency, improve decision-making, and enhance documentation during the interview process. However, the rigidity of a scorecard can sometimes make you overlook the intangible qualities of your perfect candidate: soft skills, com

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15 Linux interview questions for DevOps featured image

15 Linux interview questions for DevOps

Linux DevOps professionals are key in implementing and managing software development at your company. Hiring the wrong person can lead to project delays, poor code quality, and security risks.  Identifying the right candidate becomes crucial in ensuring efficiency and success. Using these 15 Linux interview questions for DevOps, you can measure your candidates’ abilities to handle real-world scenarios. Pairing these questions with TestGorilla’s DevOps test will provide a more in-depth assessmen

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Hiring efficiency How talent assessments help streamline the recruitment process featured image

High volume hiring: How talent assessments help

High volume hiring is stressful.  When filling a large number of vacancies quickly, you’re still under the usual pressure to vet people for their niche skills, motivation, and whether or not they fit your company culture. How can you be sure you’re covering all of this accurately? What if you receive more applications than you're expecting? What’s more, candidates want a personal, proactive recruitment experience. Can hiring managers genuinely offer that if they struggle to give each applicant t

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enneagram origins and history uses of the test today featured image

Enneagram Origins and History (+ Uses of the Test Today)

Gaining insights into candidates’ personalities during the pre-employment process helps you make sound hiring decisions. There are a range of personality tests you can use to do this, including the Enneagram test.  The Enneagram test plots out nine personality types, revealing more about candidates’ main traits, workplace behaviors, communication styles, and how they work in a team.  It’s been a popular personality test since the 1950s. But its roots can be traced back thousands of years. In thi

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enneagram type 6 traits strengths and potential careers featured image

Enneagram Type 6: Traits, strengths & potential careers

Enneagram tests are a quick and effective way to learn about your candidates’ and employees’ dominant personality traits. The results enable you to better communicate and coordinate cohesive teams to avoid potential incompatibilities.  The Enneagram test uses a framework of nine personality types to determine individuals’ desires, fears, and working styles. In this guide, we look at Enneagram Type Six – a loyal, hard-working personality who uses analytical thinking to prevent negative outcomes.

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