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Professional woman preparing to shortlist candidates for an interview

How to shortlist candidates for an interview

Recruiting and retaining talented employees is a great way to create a competitive advantage for your company. That’s why HR departments are always looking for ways to refine their hiring process to make sure they’re making the best hires possible. One way to do that is to increase your efficiency by optimizing your shortlisting method….

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5 ways an ATS helps you win quality talent

5 ways an ATS helps you win quality talent

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) aren’t new on the recruitment scene, but they have typically been employer-focused in terms of usability and user experience. In fact, candidate end-users have historically reported that ATS systems can be clunky and unintuitive for them to use.   However, many next-generation ATS solutions are focused on bringing together both end-user experiences…

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Best practice and pros cons of resume screening tools

Resume screening tools: the pros, the cons, and best practices

Creating a robust talent pipeline is a critical step on the road to building a successful team. When executed well, the interview process is swift, painless, and hopefully even enjoyable for the candidate and company employees. But before you get there, a tremendous amount of work goes into sourcing and screening candidates. Resume screening tools can…

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high volume hiring isn't just for amazon

High volume hiring isn’t just for Amazon

Hiring for one role is a challenge in and of itself. If you are a recruiter hiring for multiple roles, that challenge grows exponentially. The process even more difficult when you’re hiring for roles that will draw in hundreds of applicants. So just imagine the struggle for HR at companies like Amazon who implement high…

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how to use critical thinking tests in the hiring process

How to use critical thinking tests in the hiring process

Reports suggest that over the next five years, 35% of the skills that are considered necessary in today’s workforce will be replaced by other skills. But regardless of what changes may come, some skills will always be important. According to the Future Jobs Report from the World Economic Forum, critical thinking ability is one such…

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Reducing time to hire: how to hire fast and hire better

Reducing time to hire: How to hire employees quickly & efficiently

Getting the right talent onboard is the first step to enabling company success.  But with so many vacant positions and job-hopping on the rise,  talent acquisition teams have to search harder and faster to find the right people to avoid disruptions at work. If you’re already working at 100%—or if you just want to be…

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use hire freeze to prepare for new market

How to use the hiring freeze to retool for a new hiring market

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted hiring. In a matter of weeks, millions of people lost their jobs and companies around the globe froze hiring. If you’re involved in recruitment, it may seem like there’s nothing to do right now in terms of hiring. But in reality, this is the best time to prepare for what…

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skills assessments for recruiters

Everything recruiters need to know about candidate skills assessment tests

Every recruiter would love to spend less time reading resumes. If that’s resonating with you, then candidate skills assessment tests are exactly what you need. Research suggests 82 percent of companies are already using some type of pre-employment assessment in their hiring process. Skills assessment tests, in particular, can help you screen out unqualified candidates,…

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How to avoid skills mismatches and follow better hiring practices

Better hiring practices: avoiding skills mismatch

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset, but finding the right match for your company is never easy. Hiring errors cost companies nearly $15,000 per bad hire and 80% of employee turnover can be attributed to poor hiring decisions.  The most common reason for failed hiring? A skills mismatch. A skills mismatch is the difference…

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advanced excel skills guide

The definitive guide to hiring an expert with advanced Excel skills

Hiring an employee with advanced Excel skills can be challenging. Not only do you have to identify which advanced Excel skills their job will require, but you also have to find a way to test these skills in your candidates. Things get even more complicated if you’re not an Excel expert. Fortunately, there are ways…

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The dos and donts for diversity in recruiting

Diversity recruiting: 10 do’s and don’ts every business should know

Traditional recruiting methods can return a great deal of homogeneity in the candidate pool. This lack of diversity goes far deeper than optics: it can greatly harm your company’s ability to keep up with competition and negatively impact your bottom line. Diversity recruiting isn’t just a “nice to have” for your company culture: It’s the…

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Best guide to using job simulations in hiring

The ultimate guide to using job simulations in hiring

Hiring the most qualified candidate for a job often feels like trying to catch that one specific raindrop in a deluge. With hundreds if not thousands of CVs pouring in for every open position offering self-produced assessments of candidates’ skills and abilities, it’s nearly impossible (and extremely time-consuming) to know who the most qualified candidates…

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