How Sukhi reduced time spent on candidate shortlisting by 83%

How Sukhi reduced time spent on candidate shortlisting by 83%

Sukhi is a social enterprise where consumers can purchase handmade rugs from artisans at an affordable price.

By eliminating the cost of warehouses and stores, Sukhi is able to help these artisans sell to people around the world. Nasia Burnet started the company with rugs and carpets from Kathmandu and grew from there. Now, Sukhi has rugs and carpets from Nepal, India, Morocco, and Turkey.


As Sukhi grew, it became necessary to make hires to help share the burden of this growing enterprise. Nasia found plenty of candidates through UpWork and other channels.

In fact, you might say she found too many. When Nasia announced that she was hiring a customer support specialist 1,200 candidates applied! That’s the good news. The bad news is that about 75% of the 1,200 were not qualified for the role.

Not only did I spend a lot of time on candidates who weren’t a good fit, but I also ended up making some mishires.

Nasia Burnet, Founder, Sukhi

For example, a candidate for another role said they had Photoshop skills, but it became clear that they weren’t as skilled as they said once they were on the job. This led to wasted time and money on training.


Nasia needed to find a way to spend less time interviewing candidates who weren’t a good fit. She also needed to implement a better process for determining which candidates truly had the skills they claimed.

Two features that helped were video questions and public links.

Video Questions

With TestGorilla’s video questions Nasia was able to give each candidate an opportunity to go a little deeper into their qualifications without having to coordinate schedules and setting aside time for interviews.

Then, once she knew who she wanted to move forward with, she could invite those candidates to a more traditional interview.

Using TestGorilla’s public links for assessments, Nasia was able to find out:

  • who was serious about the role, and
  • who had the skills necessary to perform the role

before moving on to the next stage of the hiring process.


Once Nasia began using TestGorilla’s online skills tests at the top of the hiring funnel, she was able to reduce the amount of time she spent shortlisting candidates by 83%.

Time shortlisting candidates

Since she knew the people she was inviting to later rounds of the interview process had the skills she needed, Nasia was able to reduce mishires, speed up the hiring process, and spend more time on other aspects of her business.

If you’d like to see how TestGorilla can help you shortlist candidates more efficiently, sign up for a free trial today.

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